K Wang Line Dance

Some dances are so complicated that you feel like you are learning a dance routine, this one is easy to pick up and definitely fun to do.



The New Wobble

It wouldn’t be a site for line dancing if I didn’t address the Wobble.

There is a new “Wobble”.  The song is “Teach me how to Wobble” by Cupid.

Here youtuber CAGW42 has a version:

I like the variation on the new wobble with the spin.  You can see it in the video uploaded by youtuber monalee68:

The original Wobble can be seen here uploaded by youtuber go2nate.  This was another snippet from the L-Jet Instructor’s ball:

Stepper’s Choice Line Dance

This video is called “Stepper’s Choice”.  It was posted by youtuber U2Smooth.  I like it because it has a smooth flow and you can hear Luther Vandross croonin’! 🙂

St. Louis Swag Line Dance

This video was posted by youtuber U2Smooth.  It is called “St. Louis Swag”.  It looks like fun.  It is set to “Teach me how to Dougie”.

Go Hard or Go Home Line Dance (Just Fine)

Now this is one of my absolute favorites!!   This dance is called the “Go Hard or Go Home”.  It is set to Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine”.   Ya’ll know I love the spins!!  This is just a feel good song!

I first saw this video from youtuber Petiteprincess.  Her group made it look easy!!

I’ve also added the video from KennyJ R&B Line dance to show some variations on the moves.

Chuck Baby Line Dance

Shout out to Annette and Marvin (Dance your Way to Health) for showing me how to do this dance!!

This video was uploaded by youtuber garyjhunter.

This one might be a bit challenging at first, but if you take yourself back to your skating days, you will pick it up immediately! 🙂

James Brown Superbad Line Dance

This is the line dance to the James Brown song “Superbad”.  You will need to watch the footwork closely, unless you are a James Brown afficionado.  (Shout out to my cousin, Carmen!)  Have fun with this one. 

This first group is the L-Jet, Instructor’s ball showing the dance.  I absolutely love the lady in the black.  She has a great smile and looks like she loves being on the floor!

I’m sharing a different version of this dance because it may take a couple of times for you to pick this one up.  This definitely goes in the advanced category.  Once you pick it up, it is really fun to do.

Jamie Foxx “I Don’t Need It” Line Dance

This is the line dance for the song “I Don’t Need It” by Jamie Foxx.  I

A tutorial for the dance is below:

A group from Charlotte takes a new spin on the dance here:

Full Circle Line Dance

Hello Again!  This dance is called the “Full Circle”.  It is set to the Jay-Z/Kanye collaboration, “Otis”.  It is actually fun to do with a group.  I am including two versions. 

This first version is performed by the Class Act Line dancers:

According to urban legend, the guy in the black in this video is John Woodhouse, the choreographer for the dance.  If anyone knows the true story, please send me a note.

Soul Food Line Dance

I like the retro theme of this video!  This is called the “Soul Food” Line dance and it is set to the Fantasia song “Cornbread and Collard Greens”.  I like the fact that they sample Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Your Precious Love”.