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Stepper’s Choice Line Dance

This video is called “Stepper’s Choice”.  It was posted by youtuber U2Smooth.  I like it because it has a smooth flow and you can hear Luther Vandross croonin’! 🙂


St. Louis Swag Line Dance

This video was posted by youtuber U2Smooth.  It is called “St. Louis Swag”.  It looks like fun.  It is set to “Teach me how to Dougie”.

Jamie Foxx “I Don’t Need It” Line Dance

This is the line dance for the song “I Don’t Need It” by Jamie Foxx.  I

A tutorial for the dance is below:

A group from Charlotte takes a new spin on the dance here:

Soul Food Line Dance

I like the retro theme of this video!  This is called the “Soul Food” Line dance and it is set to the Fantasia song “Cornbread and Collard Greens”.  I like the fact that they sample Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Your Precious Love”.


You Big Dummy / Metamorphosis Line Dance

This is my latest favorite, the “You Big Dummy” line dance.   I especially like the old school music and the opportunity to do the Fred Sanford, “I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth” move! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this one!

This is also sometimes called the “Metamorphosis”.  You can see the video posted by petiteprincess here: